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Featured Shows
The New Adobe Acrobat
This week, Ed interviews Rick Borstein, Business Development Manager for the Legal Community for Abobe Systems, Inc. Rick discusses The new version of Adobe Acrobat® and how new features are of special interest to lawyers.

Succession Planning
Leading and Learning, Inc. provides consulting services to the corporate world by guiding organizational change management. Billie talks about succession planning -- probably the single most important change that any organization can face.

The DuPont Model
Jeff Carr, General Counsel of FMC Technologies, in another interview, talks about the "DuPont Model" and compares this model to his own expectations when interacting with outside counsel for FMC.

Providing Value to Clients
Chris Martson talks about providing value to clients. This means, among other things, no hourly billing and valuing the firm's human capital by creating the right work environment.

Microsoft Professional Services
Ed interviewed Norm Thomas, Director of Business Development for Microsoft Professional Services Solutions. Norm starts the discussion with Microsoft's approach to developing solutions while using its platforms and applications.

Business As Usual or Breaking Point
The reality of extensive travel places a stress on you that can’t be appreciated until you experience it. Couple that with menopause symptoms, insanity can’t be but a step away…

What National Corporations Look For
Let's take another look at what general counsel are searching for when they hire outside law firms. This time, Thomas S. Brooks, Vice President of AT&T Law & Government Affairs, shares his views on the subject.

In Counsel Selects Outside Counsel
Steven A. Lauer, having been both inside and outside counsel, shares his thoughts on how today's lawyers should approach inside general counsel to gain their trust, and their business.

Customer Value
Following Peter Drucker's idea, Ron Baker is the promoter of "The Chief Value Officer" concept. He encourages professional service firms to think in terms of value rather than time. In an interview with Ed Poll, Ron discusses this concept further.

Fee Billing -- Value Billing
Patrick J. Lamb, Managing Partner of Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP, a Chicago litigation firm, was interviewed by Ed Poll in 2005 about "value added billing." The principles espoused by Patrick then are still applicable and fresh today.

Discussion about Microsoft OneNote
90% of our work is unstructured, according to Scott Rockfeld, Group Product Manager for Microsoft. In discussing MS's new product, OneNote™, Scott tells us how to work in our world with a new approach.

Story of a Risk Taker
Listen to this true story of extreme circumstances and a high risk situation. Put yourself in this leader’s shoes and determine what you would do. Before the audio is over you’ll find out whether you chose to take the same risk as this leader did.

Risk Taking and Leadership
What kind of risk taker are you? Take a minute to think through the risk taking extremes and find your comfort spot.

It's Not About Time
If time management isn't about time, what is it about? Master Certified Coach Leah Grant shares the secret.

Quality Is Job One
Quality is Job 1. And not just on the job…Michael says “Life is Bigger than Work” and the evidence is in. Organizations and individuals are searching for new ways to win in life and work today.

Are You Ready?
Five questions Leah Grant asks emerging entrepreneur to determining if they're ready to start their businesses.

Do You Have The Time?
How often have you heard the adage, "Time is money?" Here are some questions to help you uncover ideas for successfully using your daily time deposits.

Exploiting Experts
Leah Grant explains why entrepreneurs should hire experts and shares her Exploiting Experts Exercise.

Every time you establish goal do it in a SMART way. We’ll walk through SMART and give you example on how to smarten up your goals.

Make The Transition To Independence
Leaving a job to start your own business is exciting and requires a shift in mindset. The best way to do it is by re-orienting your familiar zones.

Are You An Entrepreneur?
Take Leah Grant's light-hearted quiz and determine if you're an entrepreneur.

Making Change
Change is always occurring. Change is inevitable. Change can offer new opportunities for you. Learn to flow with the sands of change in your business and personal lives.

Take the steps to identify what you do, for whom you do it, and how you get it done in an easy to use format.

A Conversation With John Edwards
Judyth Piazza talks with John Edwards about, Attitude, Communication, Listening, and other aspects of business and life success.

The Perfect Team
Your team is the most important aspect of building and growing your business. Respect and gratitude will help you create a work environment that your staff enjoys coming to each day!

So, What's The Solution?
If you are like most business owners and managers, you pray for a swift answer to this question. Listen to some simple steps you can engage in the problem solving process.

5 Blunders in Business Development
Whether you call it sales or business development, your goal is to get people to do business with you. When you avoid these 5 common mistakes, you'll see increased sales.

If Your Business Closed Tomorrow...
Would anybody even know? Or care? What differentiates you from other businesses like yours? Are you creating an amazing experience for your prospective buyers?

Judyth Interviews Danny Cox
Danny Cox is an "accelerationist", or one who causes faster movement, higher efficiency and increased productivity. He is internationally known as "The Sonic Boom Salesman" and is the author of several books.

Take the time to select the right products you will offer. You must offer a variety and be careful not to handcuff your business by refusing to offer certain products.

Surviving Your Career
The lack of control over employment opportunities creates fodder for many sleepless nights. Rather than focusing on ways to self destruct, here are six ways to carve out a future for yourself.

Experience is NOT ENOUGH!
Got experience? Or don’t? Michael tells you what matters more than experience in today’s marketplace.

Top Ten Reasons Presentations Fail
Presentations are a fact of life in the business and professional world. You will increase your presentation ROI when you understand what commonly goes wrong.

Creative Problem Solving
Problem solving helps to build your confidence. Creative problem solving involves finding new and fresh ways of doing things. Here are some quick tips for confidently using your creativity to uncover more choices in your decision making.

Your Broadway Show
Having multiple offices can be a challenge. Richard Parker describes how likening your offices to a Broadway show can help you create consistency and help achieve success.

Will You Marry Me? The New Proposal
Michael provokes a new way of thinking about selling proposals and how to get more FIRST TIME BUYERS with a little twist on your proposals.

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