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Featured Shows
Belief In Beauty
Beauty is about symmetry and what the general public defines as beauty. Is the world slowing beginning to understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and includes the internal characteristics of humor, integrity and honor?

Touching The Face of Crazy Horse
Soaring out of the mountainside, the Crazy Horse monument emerges into daylight shouting out strength, vision and passion. A community and artist’s dream becoming a reality…

Austin Vacation Conspiracy
Are you a target for unusually events that quickly get out of hand? My life is a parody of the 1970 Hollywood hit “The Out-of-Towners” ..one inconceivable event after another.

Time Out
Vacation? What in the world was I going to do if not work? That panicked thought alone was the primary reason for taking a trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Now, how do I turn off my brain and simply absorb the beauty?

Get Moving, Stay Moving, Be Happy
Exercise and physical activity is not about being an athlete it's about the health of your mind and body. This session gives you tips to make an exercise program that fits your life style.

Subconscious: Awful Thing To Waste
Both hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques work well for weight loss and a variety of other challenges in life. Let's take a closer look at hypnosis.

Einstein Was Right!
The approach called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) works rapidly to resolve or improve a variety of life's challenges, from anti-aging to zoophobia. EFT combined with hypnosis forms a dynamic duo for powerful and rapid personal change.

Serve Yourself A Healthy Music Diet
A diet of good music is great for your health and overall well-being: Wellness is explored through careful consideration of your musical diet and interesting facts about our mind/body and spirit.

Weighty Matters
A new study shows that our society's overweight problem is getting more serious. There are two powerful techniques that will lead to healthy weight loss and improve both the quantity and the quality of life for people who are now suffering needlessly.

Choices and Changes
The difference between getting old...and growing older. Embrace a philosophy of Positive Aging to slow the aging process.

Rapid Results: An Introduction
A life of quiet desperation, or a life of sterling success? To a large degree, it is a choice. Many choose procrastination by default. But there are now transforming tools that can bring us what we truly want.

All Stressed Up And Nowhere To Go?
Not any more. Now you can identify your stressors and discover how a few principles rightly applied can help you change the way you manage your vigorous agenda.

Intelligence of The Heart
The heart has always been considered the center of our emotions. Did you realize that our heart has wisdom? This wisdom serves as a guide, directing our path through life.

Spa Refugee
Take a hilarious look at this spa visit from a not so experienced participant!

The Spiritual Heart
A healthy heart requires more than diet and exercise. The heart is truly linked to emotions and spirituality and tapping into this truth can create a healthy balance.

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