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Featured Shows
Interpersonal Communication
There are four personality styles – What is yours? Why should you care? How does your style impact your client relationships? Gayle N. Carson, President of Carson Research Center tells us why we need to know and why we should care about this issue.

Leaders And Managers
Leaders And Managers

Feather-Bull Dozer:How Do You Enter
Do you enter situations with a feather or a bull dozer in your hand? Here are some distinctions to help keep you on your toes for the next situation that arises.

Who Are You?
Leah Grant shares why who you are dictates your level of success in business.

Time is of the Essence I
What is the essence of time? Understanding the answer to that question can radically improve your effectiveness.

Message Said, Message Received
Ever frustrated because something you’ve said was totally misinterpreted? Here’s a 4 step process that can help ensure that the message you say is actually the message received.

Time is of the Essence II
We can’t control time, but we can develop the essence of our time. Discover a simple formula that will help you find time to do the things that really matter.

Leadership Assesment
Direct feedback from your team is one of the best assesment tools available. The following evaluation can be used as a tool to capture what your team perceives to be your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Got Integrity?
Master Certified Coach Leah Grant explores the concept of integrity and shares how it relates to self-esteem.

Develop Healthy Habits
This last session is an excerpt from the second phase of the three phase program. We will explore what it means, provide some examples, and get you started on a plan for creating your own set of “healthy habits”.

Here's To Mastery
Have you ever played a game where you used all the techniques and worked all the methods only to be beaten by the other person? Discover how you can learn the moves and how to play the game.

Leadership Journey
Developing our leadership is a journey. Our journey is about us and who we are. By focusing on who we are, not what we do, we become the leader that we already are.

Honor Yourself
This session will focus on what it means to honor yourself, why it’s important, and suggests behaviors that support the action.

Shuttle Commander Rick Searfoss
Rick talks with Judyth Piazza about flying Space Shuttle missions and how teamwork and leadership are critical to the success of a each mission.

Identify What's Within
A four part audio workshop is an excerpt from a new, larger program that was created to help inspire the leader within you. The program is really a process of discovery, awakening, and possibility. In “Identify What’s Within” get ready to get introspective!

When Did I Say That?
Managers, how many times have you said something to your staff only to discover their response was no where near what you thought it should have been? Here are some tips to help assure you get the response you are looking for.

An exciting and hands-on approach to success on the phone. Laura Nashman combines expert recording techniques along with NLP, (neuro-linguistic programming) methodologies and communication/rapport strategies along with a wellness component to give you the perfect platform for telephone mastery with ease.

With the use of a simple statement you can begin thinking about your vision for 12 months out and how you are going to achieve it.

Getting Your Anger To Work
Anger is a reality in the workplace. Learn how to make anger work in your favor and produce better results.

Life To The MAX!
What could you learn from a limo driver? The same thing you can learn from anyone on any given day if we’ll just ask the right questions and pay attention. Here’s what one driver has learned from his travels and triumphs.

Happy Customers
How much does it cost to have truly happy customers? Can you afford to pay attention to what they are asking for? Sure you can! And really listening can make all the difference in the world.

What’s Your Leadership Standing?
Why do we loose a customer, client or an employee? We lose sight of the basics for our success. Take a moment to become a leader that people will stand for.

Be A Leader People Respect
The Top Four Characteristics That People Respect in a Leader. Would those you lead be able to identify these in you?

Purpose Directed Leadership
There is a difference between being purpose driven and purpose directed. Identify that difference and leadership will be more rewarding.

Judyth Interviews Bette Price
Bette is a well known author, consultant, and leading athority in Leadership Development. Her book "True Leaders" has been described as a blueprint for leaders within companies, both large and small.

Building Team Confidence 101
“Confidence withers under fault-finding.” Improve your leadership focus and take your team to a new level of confidence.

Speak Up...I Can't Hear You!
The simple art of chatting with a total stranger unveils wonderful insight. We can’t get to know each other unless we communicate. Learn about how to enhance your “small talk” skills.

The Power of Praise
Every work environment has whiners, complainers and gossips. You can change the atmosphere of your organization using three powerful principles.

Are You Doing a GREAT WORK?
Simple distractions can keep you from doing something BIG! Here Michael shares a story of one man and his GREAT WORK.

Aim Higher Than Expected
Why do we keep missing the goal? Learn how leaders can help their teams achieve consistent success.

Surviving Your Career
The lack of control over employment opportunities creates fodder for many sleepless nights. Rather than focusing on ways to self destruct, here are six ways to carve out a future for yourself.

The Paradox of Popular Thinking
Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that’s unpopular and thinking like everyone else can be your greatest obstacle to big ideas and uncommon success.

Leverage: Key To Motivating Others
Discover the two basic factors that motivate people. Learn which one has the most lasting influence.

Your Name Again, Please?
Introductions are one of the hardest things to do, especially if you can’t remember who the person is in the first place. Learn about the basics for effective networking.

How To Be A Winner, Not A Wader
The joy of success is often missed because of our basic need for security. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering “what if” or getting only a “splash” of what could have been. Learn how to build your confidence.

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