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Featured Shows
Time Management
While no one can truly manage time, Gayle Carson shows us how to "pick up" 22 eight hour days over a year's time. That would make one very interesting vacation, or allow us to do a lot of additional billable work.

James Haensly
Carol interviews James Haensly, a former Bell Labs engineer and co-founder of FooBooOnline.com, www.foobooonline.com, a broker of outsourcing services across Asia. James has lived in Asia for over 10 years and is now based in Singapore.

Too Lazy To Upgrade
Karel explores the habits she has created over the years while traveling and how it is so hard to act “out of character”. This humorous look at personal ruts will leave you examining your own life and the rules you live by.

Time Management NOW!
Michael shares his “uncommon” views on “Why Time Management doesn’t work and what YOU can do about it NOW!”

Connecting Back
After enjoying a successful career in the US, Federico yearns to be closer to the small Mexican town he grew up in. Carol helps Federico to re-connect to the part of himself that has the answers.

Skating on Thin Ice
High anxiety rules! How can we help others who have seemed to jump off the deep end? Karel Murray has taken a lesson from the ultimate Zen masters…her cats…and shares it with you.

Early Arrival… or Is It Survival?
Arriving early at a smaller airport is obviously a very wrong move … it would be idyllic if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes and my unprotected forehead.

The Magic of Success
Zig Ziglar tells us we can have anything we want, we just can't have everything. Dreams are goals with deadlines and achieving our goals is about planning for the success that is ours. The Magic of Success is a clear, direct, simple goal planning system.

Worst Case Scenario Cruise Vacation
Life is a series of interesting adventures. How can we use foresight to eliminate the unexpected hurdles that can appear during a vacation? Karel will have you laughing out loud with her take what can go wrong on a cruise ship vacation.

Have you ever felt like the distance across the kitchen table spans for miles as great as between New York and Los Angeles when trying to communicate with your child?

Effective Masterminding
Learn how to form an effective MasterMind Group from ICF Master Certified Coach, Leah Grant.

In this lesson, we will develop our awareness of values and begin to identify the values we hold.

Breath Of Life
Who waits for your visit? Join Karel as she explores her personal reaction to visiting a nursing home for the first time…

Developing Your Motivational Habits
Part 1 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. Join Steven Iwersen for a preview of the habits neccessary for you to develop your own internal motivation.

A Question For The Ages
Our American culture encourages us to become immersed in “getting ahead”, making a living and planning for the future while leaving the issues of the heart, mind and soul placed on a back burner…

Managing Gremlins
Eric finds that he doesn’t have to be a slave to his Inner Critic. And with that, he has a chance at making conscious choices. Carol helps Eric tame the Gremlin.

Travel Battle Armor
Travel has its interesting side to say the least. Interesting as in feeling like a fish out of water in an environment totally foreign to you…I should have known better.

The Music Of A Maestro
How do we respond when life breaks one of our strings? Michael York explains how one man played on.

An Invitation
Join Jennifer Mounce for Create a Clear Plan & Succeed, a four part audio workshop that will give you the tools needed to create your vision & mission, establish goals, and identify the objectives that will keep you on the right path to success.

Worst Case Scenario Camping Trip
Books glorify the concept of vacation, especially if enjoyed at an exotic location. The virtues of going on holiday are shared by peers over coffee breaks and with family members as the next big trip is planned. Karel shows you how to mentally prepare.

Convention Giddiness
The conference begins with irritation, impatience, and joy. What a combination of emotions as the air shimmers with the expectancy and suppressed giddiness that belies the general calm of the convention. Something is going to happen.

A Matter of Perspective
Alright... who turned up the heat? It seemed that the sultry breath of summer came upon us quickly and tempers flared when the flight was cancelled due to impending bad weather.

Do You Have A Plan?
Do you have dreams and goals for your life? Have you written them down? Join David Bush for a discussion about planning, and how listing your goals can be the first step to achieving them.

Personal Development is Personal
Michael York’s new book is called "The 10 Commitments" and here he gives a preview of how something big can come from a single idea and how commitment is more powerful than motivation.

The Ideal Woman
Women tend to put their needs and desires last on their list of "to-do's". Although necessary at times, this can cause discontentment with the wonderful life they have worked to create. What if you discovered that in following your dreams you could be a more effective and fulfilled woman?

Individual Expression
Individual expression should be monitored for taste guidelines. Join Karel as she explores our world of hair styles, personal habits and fashion.

Self-Employed vs. Employee
What tradeoffs do you make for a steady pay check? What “false fears” do you have? Carol helps her client, Florence, sort out options for re-igniting her work.

Strength of the Circle
Amidst the grief of mourning a sudden loss of a family member, an incredible emotional strength surfaces and we begin to understand that we are here on borrowed time. What we choose to do with that time is solely up to us.

High Maintenance
Doesn't being considered "High Maintenance" really mean knowing exactly what you want? It is a good practice to ask for things how and when you want them.

Mentor Magic
We all seek mentors, but do we know how to identify mentors. Sometimes they aren't who we expect, or what we expect.

Asking The Right Questions
Goal strategist Nancy Nordstrom offers tips and insights on how you can create a reality of choice. In this first segment, learn how asking the right question can help you identify what is important in your life so you can bring those goals to reality.

The Paradox of Popular Thinking
Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that’s unpopular and thinking like everyone else can be your greatest obstacle to big ideas and uncommon success.

The Heart of the Matter
Are you a closet “sap”? Do you become “verklempt” over the silliest things? You are not alone. Perhaps it’s because you are a believer in the state of wonder.

Rewriting History
To move toward a future where you can create a reality of choice you must learn to let go, or rewrite, your past. Goal strategist Nancy Nordstrom shares insights on how you can change the past so you can move more positively into the future.

The Bug
We often assume that war takes place only between humans. Think again. This skirmish will leave you laughing and realizing that a child's insight should not be underestimated.

Success Strategies through Music
How to succeed at life with secrets from the music industry: Skills such as discipline, self-expression, confidence, being present and noticing beauty everywhere are explored. You can benefit from the Music Coach.

Crushed by New Year Resolutions
I've made too many New Years resolutions and panic is setting in. Not ordinary panic. the constant nagging that says Options! A woman needs options!

Dreamers vs. Doers
Some people have big dreams that never get realized, others seem to be able to achieve the insurmountable. The difference between the two lies in these simple keys to success.

Owning Your Choices
Creating a reality of choice relies on accepting responsibility for where you are today. As a goal strategist, Nancy Nordstrom has helped her clients learn to take ownership for their decisions so that they can choose wisely now and in the future. In this final segment, she shares some of her tips and insights so that you, too, can create a reality of your choice.

Giving Into Fate
It is amazing how small inconveniences are put into perspective when the flight that you are on begins to tilt side to side and plummet precariously just before landing. You may want to be securely fastened in your seat before you begin reading this.

The mind says “yes” and the body doesn’t cooperate. How can we give up control for ourselves without out loosing a part of ourselves? Karel reveals how the choice was taken from her and that in the giving up, a great deal was gained.

Quest For Courage The Cowardly Lion
Courage comes from the heart, but where did Karel have her first understanding of the concept? From the cowardly lion of The Wizard of Oz. Karel will talk about the five things she learned from the Cowardly Lion and how it applies to our current lives.

The Magnet
Memorable and defining moments happen to us all. It’s up to us to stop and enjoy them to the fullest possible extent when they occur.

Fly Like An Eagle, Land Like a Duck
After seeing the movie X-Men III, Karel’s mind went crazy. The creators of these various mutations certainly have extensive imaginations! As she considers all of the latent and overt talents the characters demonstrate, join her as she considers how they

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