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Featured Shows
The Great Escape
What can you learn from a magician and master locksmith? Michael tells the story of Harry Houdini and shares the one ability you possess that can make all the difference for you.

Ten Little Words
Two letters each that have kept me on tack the past 30 years, and how they can help you chart your personal course to success today.

An Unexpected Angel
Character building moments come upon us unexpectedly and we often ask ourselves, “should I have done something differently”. Have you every had something you did in your past explode unannounced into your current reality?

You've Got To Have A Dream!
Are you aiming high? Are you aiming at all? To succeed in life you must first have a dream. Join Willie for a Motivational story about DREAMING, and why you should too!

Boring Doesn't Belong
Boring Doesn't Belong

The Journey of Time and Space
Too many people are trying to manage their time. Dr. Philip Humbert moved time managed into a Life Management system. This session shares some tips on using Dr. Humbert's Life Management System to make room in your life for the high value activities that serve your highest good.


Walk Left, Stand Right
Creating a culture or a community is more than simply spouting values or saying "We're all in this together." It's about adopting a mindset that we can all adopt practices that benefit the group, as well as ourselves. This segment explores community as part of the Riding an Escalator Experience.

Through the Looking Glass
Too often communication is like an Alice in Wonderland trip down the rabbit hole. Clear communication requires our attention and focus.

Beginning with THE END
Going Somewhere? Why not start at the end? Some of the most powerful advice on success tells us to focus on THE END. The End begins here…

The Magic Recipe
Learn how to get the right combination of motivation and inspiration to keep you and your business going!

When Motivation Isn't Enough
Part 7 of Developing Your Motivaitonal Habits. True Champions have more than skills and determination; they have people who believe in them! Discover why this is vital to your success.

Welcome To A New Season
Welcome To A New Season

A Motivational Wake Up Call
Part 6 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. If your momentum has you too busy, your motivation is at risk. There is a simple habit that can help you find the balance.

Dreamers vs. Doers
Some people have big dreams that never get realized, others seem to be able to achieve the insurmountable. The difference between the two lies in these simple keys to success.

Make Room For Improvement
Part 5 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. How to create the right conditions for positive self-improvement.

Your Power To Choose
Can making better choices really make a difference in our work and our life? Choose your answer carefully.

Breaking The Board
What barriers are you struggling with? Being true to your approach can help you break through and realize your goal.

Keeping Your Motivation On Course
Part 4 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. What do porcupines, brooms and your personal motivation have in common? It has everything to do with what you say!

The short milestones - what must get done 1st, 2nd, 3rd – are a key factor in achieving your goals. This instructional will help you think through what objectives need to be set.

Oz and the Eagle
Heart…Wisdom…Courage. What if each of us had a measure of all this and more at our disposal? What if discovering the strength that lies within the eagle, and what’s really waiting at the end of the yellow brick road means discovering more about ourselves in the process?

Building Motivation Momentum
Part 3 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. Internal motivation is the power source for external actions and commitments. This habit will increase your confidence.

Resolutions - Why They Don't Work?
Commitment is stronger than motivation, more powerful than resolutions. Goals expert Michael York explains how to begin your process for change.

Be Motivated Instead Of Manipulated
Part 2 of Developing Your Motivational Habits. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle -- take all the pieces and put them together so it looks like the picture. This segment will help you minimize the missing pieces.

The Solution To Resolutions
David Bush explains the barriers to achieving your New Year's resolutions and what you can do to overcome them.

The Basics of Motivation
Are you tired of the usual tricks of motivation? Fear. Guilt. Incentives. What motivates you to be yoru best? Discover the key to long-term personal motivation.

No: Another word For Opportunity
Hearing "no" is never pleasant but it takes on a new meaning when Goal Strategist, Nancy Nordstrom offers tips on turning that negative reply into a positive one.

Are You Passionately Committed?
Commitment is vital to achieving your goals. Passionate commitment displays confidence and breeds success.

Speak Up...I Can't Hear You!
The simple art of chatting with a total stranger unveils wonderful insight. We can’t get to know each other unless we communicate. Learn about how to enhance your “small talk” skills.

Are You Doing a GREAT WORK?
Simple distractions can keep you from doing something BIG! Here Michael shares a story of one man and his GREAT WORK.

New Day...New Attitude
Each day is an opportunity for a new beginning. Begin today with a better attitude by incorporating these eight simple tips from Goal Strategist Nancy Nordstrom.

The Magic Is In You
Join Dr. Cherry Collier and learn her "MAGIC FORMULA" for helping you create a magical day. Be inspired and practice these strategies to move out of your own way!

Living the Spa-la-la is going through life with a joyful and blissful attitude. It is life that exudes a peaceful harmony.

Spa Refugee
Have you ever wanted to get out of your comfort zone and have a challenge to face? Join Karel as she learns the hard way not to leap into an adventure without at least reading the fine print.

The Paradox of Popular Thinking
Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that’s unpopular and thinking like everyone else can be your greatest obstacle to big ideas and uncommon success.

The Strength of the Circle
Amidst the grief of mourning a sudden loss of a family member, an incredible emotional strength surfaces and we begin to understand that we are here on borrowed time. What we choose to do with that time is solely up to us.

Obstacles in your path of life are really nothing more than reasons; excuses for not succeeding. Try shifting your attention from "Reasons" to "Results".

The Stretch Pants of Life
Somewhere along the line, we got our priorities screwed up. Who determined I had to conform to the trendsetter designer looks and why do we live in fear of the fashion police?

The Bug
We often assume that war takes place only between humans. Think again. This skirmish will leave you laughing and realizing that a child's insight should not be underestimated.

The Heart of the Matter
Are you a closet “sap”? Do you become “verklempt” over the silliest things? You are not alone. Perhaps it’s because you are a believer in the state of wonder.

The Magnet
Memorable and defining moments happen to us all. It’s up to us to stop and enjoy them to the fullest possible extent when they occur.

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