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Featured Shows
Fee Collection
Fee problems lie at the feet of lawyers, not clients. In this podcast, created by the Canadian Bar Association, Ed Poll discusses how lawyers can protect themselves and increase their realization rate for increased cash flow.

Fee Billing - Hugh Gottschalk
Hugh Gottschalk, an attorney in Colorado, leads us in yet another perspective on alternative legal services pricing. He also discusses understanding the cost of your services, budgeting for litigation and structuring the actual fee agreement with a client

Fee Billing - Jeff Carr
Alternative fees continue to be a prominent topic among lawyers. Our next several podcasts will feature interviews that Ed has conducted over the last 18 months with prominent thinkers on this subject.

Fee Billing - Tyco Approach
Jim Michalowicz, is the Litigation Program Manager for Tyco Corp. Formerly, he was with DuPont in a similar capacity for 13 years. Our interview with Jim will focus on developing the best business practices for their legal department.

Internet Marketing
Many say the guru of creating and promoting blogs is Kevin O’Keefe of Lex Blog. In a recent interview Ed discussed with Kevin, one of their favorite subjects, using the internet and blogging to market your law practice.

New Manager Must Haves
Hear what a recent poll has to say about the skills new managers must have in order to be successful.

The Greatest Sales Tip...in LIFE!
Life is bigger than work, is that how you’re living it? Michael shares his 3 questions that will help you get more into your life and work NOW!

Alternative Fee Billing - Risk
Ed Poll interviews attorney Rick Simses on the subject of alternative fee billing. They discuss sharing the risk of a matter with the client... what it means and how it should impact the client's fee.

Create Value
Join Thom Winninger for a discussion about VALUE. Learn how to create value that differenciates you in the market.

Valuable Asset #1: Your Network
Your network is your most valuable business asset today. Does your network have that kind of value? Here are 8 ideas to grow your asset.

High Performance Selling
What’s wrong with being s SELLING PROFESSIONAL? Michael explains why that’s not enough in today’s marketplace and what your real goal should be...

Origin of the Sales Buddha
Michael Baker shares a story revealing how he came to be known as "The Sales Buddha".

Please Let Me Buy
Marketing strategist Leah Grant shares a purchasing nightmare and tips on how to make it easy for your clients to buy from you.

How to Network Effectively
Are you attending meetings or are you networking? Find out in this show by business and marketing strategist Leah Grant.

Qualifying Prospects
If you are getting objections. . . you are probably not qualifying your prospect properly. This is a salespersons responsibility. Properly qualified prospects have five (5) distinct characteristics. Find out what they are and master the skills!

Tips for the Savvy Exhibitor
Promotion - Develop an overall message for them. Listen and find out how to use this simple and easy-to-implement idea to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

Are You Afraid of the CEO?
Some salespeople are intimidated by the upscale prospect. This type of call reluctance is called Social Self-Consciousness where people sun prospects with wealth, prestige, power, education or social status. All the intellectualizing in the world does not resolve this fear. It needs to be addressed emotionally.

Want to be a Captain of Enterprise and learn Shakespeare in the process? Welcome to The Future! Here’s Michael’s message on how anyone can win more often in this NOW economy.

Top Ten Reasons Presentations Fail
Presentations are a fact of life in the business and professional world. You will increase your presentation ROI when you understand what commonly goes wrong.

Tips for the Savvy Exhibitor
Planning - One of the biggest mistakes exhibitors make is forgetting to read the exhibitor manual. Listen and find out how this is your key to saving money on the show floor.

Simply Acknowledge
When communication falls short often times it was because someone did not feel they were heard. Teach yourself to verbally acknowledge your prospect’s concerns. Let them know you “heard” them in a variety of ways other than “uh huh.” This is vital in email communications.

First, Best or Different
You must be one of these three things to survive in business. Determine which one your business is and how to maintain that position in the marketplace.

Shifting Into Neutral
It is not the situation that causes you negative emotions. It is how we choose to think about that situation. As simple as that sounds, it is very profound. We choose to make ourselves miserable through how we view situations.

The Gate Keeper
Getting in front of decision makers is sometimes challenging. Even more so when the "Gate Keeper" wants to keep you away. Learn a new technique that just may provide you with the key,

Your Name Again, Please?
Introductions are one of the hardest things to do, especially if you can’t remember who the person is in the first place. Learn about the basics for effective networking.

“Selling” Really is Part of the Job
Some salespeople adamantly insist that only used car salespeople would sink so law as to sell. Let’s get real! Selling is simply a business process of exchanging goods and services for money.

Shift From Selling To Inviting
Learn the benefits of inviting instead of selling from Master Certified Coach Leah Grant.

Hello, I'm Pushy And Obnoxious
The perception of "sales people" can present itself as a challenge to your success. Aspiring selling performers, however, see this as an opportunity to stand out as "uncommon".

The Negativity Trap
How do you feel when a salesperson prospects you? Come on! ‘Fess up – because your candid answer to that question may hold the key to whether or not you’ll become wildly successful in sales.

Buying...Not Being Sold
Clients prefer to feel as if they were buying, not being sold. Making the effort to give your clients the feeling of control can drive more sales.

More Referrals
Could you use more referrals in your business or marketplace? Why not just ask for them? Discover haow easy it is to overcome the emotional barriers that keep us from asking "who else?".

Marketing Tips
Marketing can prove to be challenging for both small and large companies. Here are some marketing tips to help boost your business during slow times or anytime you want to add some sparks to your marketing efforts.

Brand Matters
In the U.S., a "Retirement Community" is perceived as a place for those in declining health — a place to be catered to and cared for. The workshop focuses on why companies and communities need to rethink branding strategies and becoming an analog of middle age and older adults.

The Music Of Sales
Learn how you can bring the dynamics and practice of musical recording techniques into your sales approach and win everytime. By integrating masterful tonality, listening acuity and the flow of a trained recording artist, you too can experience accelerated sales results and with the MUSIC of your sales.

Prospecting vs. Networking
Prospecting is essential to your sales model. Identifying and qualifying your prospects will lead to stronger business opportunities and relationships.

5 Blunders In Business Development
Whether you call it sales or business development, your goal is to get people to do business with you. When you avoid these 5 common mistakes, you'll see increased sales.

The Paradox of Popular Thinking
Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that’s unpopular and thinking like everyone else can be your greatest obstacle to big ideas and uncommon success.

Surviving Your Career
The lack of control over employment opportunities creates fodder for many sleepless nights. Rather than focusing on ways to self destruct, here are six ways to carve out a future for yourself.

Will You Marry Me? The New Proposal
Michael provokes a new way of thinking about selling proposals and how to get more FIRST TIME BUYERS with a little twist on your proposals.

Wynning in the NOW Economy
What are you doing to come out on top of the stuggle for winning your customer's business? Listen to Michael York's list of fresh and easy ideas for winning now!

If Your Business Closed Tomorrow
Would anybody even know? Or care? What differentiates you from other businesses like yours? Are you creating an amazing experience for your prospective buyers?

The Uncommon List
Listen to Michael's list of ways you can begin Becoming Uncommon. Apply these techniques to your career or business to help you become a selling performer.

Call Reluctance
Are you comfortable being a big dog in a small yard and not consistently developing new clients? Do you spend more time making excuses than making contacts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are the perfect candidate for overcoming Sales Call Reluctance!

Happy Customers
How much does it cost to have truly happy customers? Can you afford to pay attention to what they are asking for? Sure you can! And really listening can make all the difference in the world.

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