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Featured Shows
The Rant
Karel Murray takes a humorous look at things that baffle her and wonders if she stands alone in her thinking. What do you think?

Becoming A Music Pro
Have you always wanted to sing or play an instrument, but didnít know where to start? I will show you some tips and shortcuts to becoming a musician with joy and ease.

A Slam Dunk With Fran Harris!
Judyth Piazza goes one-on-one with Fran Harris to discover her many talents beyond the court and how she is using her experience and fame to help others achieve!

Fox News Anchor Laurie Dhue
Lori talks with Judyth about getting her start and what it takes to make a career of journalism. Hard work and sacrifice will pay off in the end.

A Conversation With Dave Ramsey
Financial counselor, Dave Ramsey joins Judyth for a discussion about how his experiences have enabled him to become a teacher of financial strategy.

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