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Featured Shows
What Is Power In Knowing?
HelenDiane gives you a synopsis of how life can easily take hold of you as she describes how it took over every aspect of her life. Then, she describes how the ‘power in knowing” can empower you to liberate yourself so that YOU take hold of your life. Finally, HelenDiane invites you to make the decision to act today, as she offers insightful techniques that will help you along your Life’s journey.

Living An Extraordinary Life
Have you achieved all of your goals? David Bush shares the keys to help you reach higher and live a successful life!

Do You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?
Gold-CD recording artist/producer, Laura Nashman shares her personal secrets to awakening her passion through an entrepreneurial approach. She shares easy to follow steps to creating your own life of inspired passion.

Financial Counselor Dave Ramsey
Financial counselor, Dave Ramsey joins Judyth for a discussion about how his experiences have enabled him to become a teacher of financial strategy.

I Believe In Magic
All of us believe in many things. Sometimes we only believe what we see and miss the magic that exists in the world. Listen and see the magic!

Wealthy Soul, Abundant Spirit
Have you always wanted to have it all, and be your all, doing what you love? Wealthy Soul, Abundant Spirit offers you practical solutions to a wealthy life inside and out.

Wealth Leakage
Paying too much in interest, taxes, and fees can drain your finances slowly but surely. Isn't it time you stopped the wealth leakage?

The Paradox of Popular Thinking
Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that’s unpopular and thinking like everyone else can be your greatest obstacle to big ideas and uncommon success.

Where Are They?
Are the mentors of yesterday still available for us today? They are as long as we know where to look.

Are You Doing a GREAT WORK?
Simple distractions can keep you from doing something BIG! Here Michael shares a story of one man and his GREAT WORK.

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