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Featured Shows
Thinking Outside The Office
Thinking Outside The Office

Jump Out of the Rut!
Are you stuck in a career rut? Statistics show you’re not alone. Leadership Sherpa Coach, Jennifer Mounce, will share staggering stats and give you 5 ways to jump out of the rut.

The First Step to Career Transition
Carol helps Kevin gain clarity and take the first step towards exploring a new career. While the initial question is about finishing a degree, the deeper questions emerge after coaching.

Career Rejuvenation
Carol coaches Tad, who is learning a new area at work as part of career rejuvenation. While newness excites Tad, he is overwhelmed by what he knows he doesn’t know or “conscious incompetence.”

Work Stupid - Get Promoted
Welcome to 21st Century Business - We'd like to think working smart will bring us kudos. But what if your boss won't let you? Stever explores reasons you might not be able to work smart, no matter how much sense it makes.

Start Your Career Makeover Today
Are you still tiring to figure out what you want to do when you grow up? The formula for career success starts with your own self-assessment. You need to find out how to match your values and skill with one of the over 60,000 job that are "out there". Listen in to find out how to supercharge your career--and get started today!

Executive Organizer
Guests Without Limits: Is your office a mess? Do tasks get left undone? Leah Grant gets tips for busy professionals from Executive Organizer and Productivity Consultant, Leslie Shreve.

Training Wheels
Training Wheels

Fearless Interviewing
Stress questions, behavior-based interviews, panels and day-long marathons. You've been there. Interviewing inspires trepidation in the sturdiest of candidates. Find out how you can be prepared--no matter what they throw at you. Anticipate the predictable questions and the show stoppers.

Fear of Success?
Culturally-defined success is different from self-defined success and many people are afraid of how one, or the other, will impact their life. Get tips to overcome your fear from Master Certified Coach Leah Grant.

Make The Transition To Independence
Leaving a job to start your own business is exciting and requires a shift in mindset. The best way to do it is by re-orienting your familiar zones.

Making Money
It’s what most people work for, say they want, and it’s the closest thing to a GOAL most individuals will ever get to in their lives. But “making money” is not what the richest, wealthiest, most successful individuals think about.

Best Careers for 2006
What's hot and what's not? Find out how to get both stability and satisfaction in your career. Determine the strategic direction that suits your natural talents. Discover the balance point between "trend awareness" and solid career planning. Avoid common pitfalls that can side tract your future.

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